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Refund Policy

WisdomCybernetics does not offers a 30 Day Money Back Policy. While we liked providing our customers with a way to trial our service, it unfortunately led to frequent abuse of the policy. In order to keep our pricing competitive and continue providing our top notch service and support, it is no longer possible for us to offer any refunds on VPS, DDS or Dedicated Server hosting.

WisdomCybernetics has a 30 Day Conditional Money Back Policy. If Customer is not satisfied with his/her service within 30 days of purchasing that service, he/she may cancel and will be issued a full refund less any applicable license/control panel fees. The exceptions to this are the following:

Customer account is cancelled due to a violation of our TOS/AUP.

* A refund is requested due to limitations of Customer's technical knowledge that keep him/her from properly operating any product or service offered by WisdomCybernetics and purchased by Customer.

* A refund is requested due to infrequent or non-use of Customer's service.

* A refund is requested due to a technical issue that has not been brought to the attention of WisdomCybernetics via one of our approved support channels.

* Customer installs or operates software that causes instability in the server environment and is not supported by WisdomCybernetics.

* Customer has previously been a customer of WisdomCybernetics and requested and received a refund under this policy for prior service held with WisdomCybernetics.

* Customer has previously held an account with WisdomCybernetics and maintained an active service for more than 30 days with WisdomCybernetics.

* Dedicated Servers. Do to hardware costs, there are NO REFUNDS on dedicated servers for any reason whatsoever.

There shall be no refunds for domain name registration(s) or transfer(s) under any circumstances.